Is to cultivate an enriched environment for your child while instilling skills that will last a lifetime. To have fun discovering our members passion whether it be instruments, voice, technology, finding a job, animals, etc. Some skills we work on include Social Skills, potty training, communication skills, problem solving, learning about finances, relationships, etc.

All while building confidence. We also work on decreasing behaviors such as Tantrums, outburst, aggression, Self-Stimulatory Behavior (SSB) and work on replacing these behaviors with appropriate behaviors. We will also have programs for individuals to expose them to different ways they can contribute to their community with the talents they have in their current repertoire.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is every individual has the capability to become an elite individual by reaching their own potential. We will assist in this process by providing the adequate necessities needed such as Assessments, setting up goals, continuous evaluation of progress, implementing appropriate programs to reach these goals using ABA therapy. Our clinicians use evidence-based therapy.